Mar 24, 2014

Talk Dirty (Dance in Second Life Meme)

It's another week, and another addition of Strawberry Singh's Monday Meme. This weeks meme is your favorite dances and dance stores in SL.

Meme Instructions: Share a photo and/or video of your avatar dancing in Second Life. Also answer the following questions and share your favorite dances and animation stores with us. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your pictures in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

I am using Fraps to record and using Sony Vegas Pro to edit the video with.  I would suggest a easier editing program as Sony Vegas Pro is a pain in the ass!! Also a couple of suggestions when you're recording... use (Ctrl+Alt+F1) to turn off the user interface on SL.  Also use (Shift+Alt+H) to turn off all huds from your screen.  This way you have what your viewing without all the other crap in the video.

1. Which dance are you sharing in the image/video and where is it from? I am using the Humanoid Couple Dance machine from Humanoid. It isn't your typical grind on the ass till the virtual peen gets hard dances like you see in SL.  These are more like friend dances, not a lot of bumping and grinding, plus these have a little dork to them.

2. Which is your favorite dance in Second Life? I use the Kevin Dances from Humanoid as my personal dances, Humanoid makes some of the more realistic dances in SL.

3. What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life? Humanoid!

4. Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life? Yes, quite a bit, when I pull myself off my platform.

5. Are you a frequent dancer in the real world? I used to be, when I was in the club scene,  not so much now.


  1. Looks like I need to check out Humanoid! Great vid!

  2. seriously gotta get these! epic song and vid \m/